Finland and vodka = Finlandia vodka

Finlandia vodka is a Finnish vodka. This Finnish vodka it is definitely the most known vodka from Finland. I didn’t know, but I have just found out that, Finlandia vodka is the sixth largest premium vodka in the world. I have also learned today that Finlandia vodka in polish is: Finlandia wódka.

Some information about Finlandia vodka: 
  • The design of the Finlandia vodka bottle (1970-2000) was among the most famous works of the celebrated Finnish designer and sculptor Tapio Wirkkala.
  • Finlandia vodka also produces flavored vodkas, currently cranberry, lime, mango, red berry, grapefruit and tangerine. More recently; the blackcurrant flavor has been introduced (Finlandia cranberry vodka is very good).
  • Finlandia vodka exists in Scandinavia since 1970.  

    Finlandia vodka it is a good reason to live in Finland. It is actually a very nice vodka. I like to drink vodka. Vodka is my second favorite drink, after whisky.

    Another good reason to live in Finland, besides Finlandia vodka, are the Finnish women.

    It is possible to drink Finlandia vodka in cocktails and mixed drinks, for example:
    • The bloody Mary, 
    • The screwdriver, 
    • The sex on the beach, 
    • The White Russian, 
    • The vodka tonic, and 
    • The vodka martini.
    I personally like the vodka martini. I normally drink vodka from this brands: Absolute vodka, Smirnoff vodka and Finlandia vodka.

    The other very popular vodka brand in Finland is Koskenkorva vodka.

    Drinking vodka in Finland is very common. Actually drinking vodka is very common in Eastern Europe and in the Nordic countries.

    Some information about vodka:
    • Vodka, is one of the world's most popular liquors, is composed primarily of water and ethanol with traces of impurities and flavorings. 
    • Vodka is made from any one of these fermented substances: grain, rye, wheat, potatoes, rice, or sugar beet molasses.
    • Vodka’s alcoholic content usually ranges between 35 to 50 percent by volume. Finlandia vodka has about 40% alcohol.

    List of vodkas (source)

    This is a list of brands of vodka (brand of vodka and country)
    • Xan -Azerbaijan
    • Signature Vodka -Canada
    • Cooranbong Vodka -Australia
    • Downunder Vodka - Australia
    • DOT AU Vodka -Australia
    • Monopolowa -Austria
    • Kryshtal Etalon -Belarus
    • Minskaya Kristall -Belarus
    • Baikal - Brazil
    • Leonoff - Brazil
    • Orloff -Brazil
    • Iceberg Vodka -Canada
    • Alberta Pure Vodka - Canada
    • Polar Ice -Canada
    • Crystal Head Vodka-Canada
    • Danzka -Denmark
    • Frïs Vodka -Denmark
    • Kihnu Mark - Estonia
    • Viru Valge -Estonia
    • Finlandia vodka -Finland
    • Koskenkorva vodka -Finland
    • Cîroc -France
    • Dragon Bleu Vodka -France
    • Grey Goose -France
    • Jean-Marc XO Vodka -France
    • Perfect 1864 -France
    • Ed Hardy Vodka -France
    • Eristoff -Georgia
    • Magic Spirits -Germany
    • Rachmaninoff -Germany
    • Zaranoff -Germany
    • Reyka -Iceland
    • Artic -Italy
    • Keglevich -Italy
    • Fuel -India
    • Snow Queen Vodka -Kazakhstan
    • Han Vodka -Korea
    • Latvijas Balzams -Latvia
    • Ledo degtinė -Lithuania
    • Stumbras -Lithuania
    • Vodka Oso Negro -Mexico
    • Vodka Villa Lobos - Mexico
    • Bols Vodka -Netherlands
    • Effen Vodka -Netherlands
    • Hooghoudt Vodka -Netherlands
    • Ketel One vodka -Netherlands
    • Pink Vodka -Netherlands
    • Ursus -Netherlands
    • Van Gogh Vodka -Netherlands
    • 42 BELOW -New Zealand
    • Vikingfjord -Norway
    • Murree Vodka -Pakistan
    • Belvedere -Poland
    • Biała Dama - Poland
    • Chopin - Poland
    • Gdańska -Poland
    • Łańcut -Poland
    • Luksusowa Poland
    • Polonaise -Poland
    • Siwucha -Poland
    • Sobieski Vodka -Poland
    • Starka -Poland
    • Wyborowa - Poland
    • Żołądkowa gorzka - Poland
    • Żubrówka -Poland
    • Dovgan -Russia
    • Gold Symphony Vodka (Золотая симфония) -Russia
    • Kubanskaya (Кубанская) -Russia
    • Moskovskaya vodka (Московская) -Russia
    • Pyatizvyozdnaya (Пятизвёздная) -Russia
    • Rodnik (Родник) -Russia
    • Russian Standard (Русский стандарт) -Russia
    • Shustov (Шустов) -Russia
    • Starka (Старка) -Russia
    • Stolichnaya (Столичная) - Russia
    • Stolnaya (Стольная) -Russia
    • SV The Silk Vodka - Russia
    • Vodkas of Veresk company - Russia
    • Double Cross Vodka -Slovakia
    • V44 Vodka - Slovakia
    • Count Pushkin Premium Imperial Vodka -South Africa
    • Romanoff Vodka -South Africa
    • Absolut Vodka -Sweden
    • Explorer Vodka -Sweden
    • Karlsson's vodka -Sweden
    • Level Vodka -Sweden
    • Spendrups -Sweden
    • Svensk Vodka - Sweden
    • Renat -Sweden
    • Svedka Sweden -Winter
    • Xellent Swiss Vodka -Switzerland
    • Lokka Vodka -Turkey
    • Khortytsia Vodka (Хортиця) -Ukraine
    • Horilka (Горілка) - Ukraine 
    • Nemiroff (Немиров) - Ukraine
    • Pertsivka -Ukraine 
    • Blavod -United Kingdom
    • Isensua -United Kingdom
    • Smirnoff -United Kingdom
    • Vladivar Vodka  -United Kingdom
    • Bowman's Vodka -United States
    • Cirrus Vodka -United States
    • Crater Lake -United States
    • Dubra - United States
    • Firefly Vodka - United States
    • Lotus Vodka - United States
    • Most Wanted Vodka -United States
    • Nikolai Vodka -United States
    • Popov vodka -United States
    • Rain Vodka -United States 
    • Seagram's vodka United States
    • Shakers vodka -United States
    • SKYY vodka - United States
    • Square One Organic Vodka -United States
    • Taaka -United States
    • Tito's Handmade Vodka -United States
    • UV Vodka -United States
    • Vodka 14 -United States 
    • Vodka 7000 -United States
    • Zodiac Vodka -United States
    • Kai Vodka -Vietnam
    • Glen's Vodka -Scotland
    • Snow Leopard Vodka -Poland 
    • Barov Kherov -Armenia

    As I have said before my favorite vodkas are: Absolute vodka, Smirnoff vodka and Finlandia vodka.

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